Dream Render

Dream Render

Convert your Windows Desktop into a living 3-D environment!
4.0  (5 votes)

This program is amazing! Its name is DreamRender. It's a stunning application that uses the CPU power of your video card to convert your Windows Desktop into an amazing 3D environment! No more static images on your Desktop.
From within the program, we can select any of the 14 predefined templates to bring our desktop to life! We can see rings, skulls, snowflakes or bubbles flying around, or get surprised with a panoramic view of fantastic landscapes you want.
But if you don't like any of the presets and want to create one, you can pick any one of them, customize it as you want (adding pictures, even videos to your composition, changing the animation speed and duration, and a lot, lot more!).
And the best of all, DreamRender doesn't waste system resources, it's very stable and responsive if you have decent hardware: although all you need is a 32 MB video card, it's recommended to have a multi-core processor to get the most of it.
I recommend to try this software, I found it very interesting.

Review summary


  • Very stable, stunning effects


  • The user interface is not very clear
  • My desktop icons look weird!
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